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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Date Night?

Assalamualaikum wbt

Have you watched the movie Date Night? It was about how a married couple plan to go for a date was ruined.The movie reminded me about what happened to hubby and I when we went for our date too!
Of course, it was not as tragic or crazy as what happened in the movie. But I could see the resemblance though lol!


Ok, Mr. hubby has been busy off lately as his new working condition requires much of his time. He went for outstation quite often and no longer has the 'free' time like before. Basically, the routine is a total opposite of becoming a cikgu in sekolah, obviously. Keluar kerja as early as 6.30pm and arrives home around 6.15pm. Actually, that's quite ok if we are to compare with those who have to bear with heavy traffic everyday! As for me on the other hand, since I'm on my cuti, I always want to find ways to go out for jalan-jalan. (Note : bukan shopping, jalan-jalan sahaja). So, we went for a date night on last Friday (20/4/2012).

We went to E@Curve (previously known as Cineleisure) in Damansara and had our late dinner at Tony Roma's. Frankly speaking, I think the service was quite poor as compared to Mid Valley Tony Roma's! Can  you imagine, how can the main dish arrived before the appetizer? and later followed by the plates after we've been requesting them for several times??? Surprisingly, the food = a total disappointment, except for the salad.*grrrrrrrr* ok i shall skip this makan issue coz let bygone be bygone. Malas nak rasa sakit hati tu lagi.

Around 1030pm, as many shops have started to close, we made our move to the cark park. Suddenly................. Hubby noticed that one of the tyres was puntured! At first, I remained calmed knowing that the spare tyre will save the day. Unfortunately, as we checked the condition of the flat tyre, we realized that it's also flat! *oh pengsan*. I started sweating coz the heat at the cark park was warmer than usual (or maybe I'd started panicking!) Time tu memang doa banyak2 supaya janganla terbersalin time2 macam ni :(( .Nak minta tolong, ramai yg dah balik and I guess many assumed that we have the spare tyre to rely on. After a while, there was this peronda appeared and offered to help us. He brought the spare tyre to the nearest Petronas to pump it up. Thank you pakcik guard for being such responsible and considerate person. Alhamdulillah..

ini lah pakcik yg sgt baik hati!

With the unpleasant memories in Tony Roma's and the unforgetable incident at the cark park, no wonder la I kept comparing our condition with the ones in Date Night..haha. What a night!!!
                                  Moral of the story (especially for all female drivers):
  • Check the condition of your spare tyre at least once a month
  • Do you know how to change the spare tyre? if your answer is 'No', you should learn to do it NOW especially with your own car

the screw was the culprit!
The spare tyre

the rym

Tayar yang rongak!

Luckily, I was with him, my hero of the night!!!


  1. dayah larat lg tgk muvi..hehehe.ble due nya ni??wahh brcuti sakan..

    1. tak de pi tgk movie pon, kalau nak tgk DVD pasar malam jer hehe. Setakat kluar makan n jalan2 dekat2 still larat :) Due insyaAllah dalam minggu ini, doakan saya & baby yer kak :)


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