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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bukan senang menjadi seorang ibu (part 1)

Assalamualaikum wbt

Everything started on Monday 12th November 2012. All in a sudden, Naufal was not active and kept vomitting every food he consumed earlier. Luckily my sis in law, kak Nawal was in Jitra too. As someone who has experience dealing with babies, the first thing she did was checking Naufal's tummy. It was so airy! Astagfirullah, dari lahir sehingga time tu Naufal tidak pernah kembung! Kak Nawal urut perut, belakang badan and kaki Naufal dengan minyak telon. Memang keluar segala angin!! On that time, Naufal didn't shed any tears or get cranky which somehow surprised us. Padahal kalau badan baby kalau masuk angin or bila dah start kembung....mmg xsenang semua org ok! Malam sebelum tidur, Naufal's body temperature became slightly feverish. Naufal's body temperature was about 38 celcius. Oh no.. DEMAM!!
demam day 1

On the next day (13th November), we immediately went to Kedah Medical Centre(KMC) to get Naufal checked. We went straight to the Emergency Dept because we wanted Naufal to be checked as soon as possible. As usual, the nurse in-charge weighed him and checked his body temperature. It was 39.2 celcius!! Terus nurse bagi ubat untuk dimasukkan ke punggung supaya suhu badan dapat diturunkan serta merta! Lepas ambil ubat dan jumpa doktor, kami terus balik rumah. We had to cancel our plan on that day which was visiting Ainna and her two children. Naufal needed some rest and we wanted him to have super speed recovery.
On Wednesday (14th November), Naufal's temperature rose again! Although we sponged his body every now and then, the temperature was still high. We decided to go to KMC again and this time, we wanted to see the paed. Memang mencabar kesabaran bila terjadi kecemasan sewaktu kita sedang bercuti. Since it was our first time to see the paed in KMC, we had to wait for our turn for about nearly 2 hours!! Lama sgt....huhuhu kesian dekat Naufal :-( When we got to see Dr. Razif, Naufal was already too tired. Bila dah nangis sepanjang hari, dengan badan yang tak sihat memang flat terus badan Naufal. After meeting with Dr. Razif, we had to go again to KMC for several times as naufal needed to be given Nebulizer treatment. It was for 6 sessions for two days. The nebulizer treatment was said to ease Naufal in breathing. Yang paling meruntun jiwa ialah bab muntah. Lepas bg neb treatment , not long after that naufal akan muntah segala susu and lendir yang pekat. Lagi la lemah longlai anak ku yang sorang ni huhhu. Bila badan dah mula tidak sihat, dengan kahak yang banyak, tidur malam pun jadi tidak lena. Yes, sleepless nights for mommy too. It was even harder to deal because everytime Naufal woke up, I 'd to check his body temperature and sometimes he even vomitted especially after coughing .Off all medicines and treatments, he became weaker.He refused to take any solid except breastfeeding. Whenever he saw syringe, he automatically kept his mouth tight too! Dah trauma nak makan ubat agaknya kut..mana tidak, bila makan je muntah, muntah and muntah.....hurmmmm

nebulizer treatment : membantu bg mencairkan kahak
On Friday (16th November), we went back to KL.Sadly, Naufal didnt't show any sign of improvement which truly worried us!  On our journey back to KL, I made a HUGE mistake!
In my next post, I'm going to write about something that I took for granted that resulted Naufal's condition to be worsen and finally had to be admitted in the hospital for 5 days :-(


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