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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Upin , Ipin & Naufal

Assalamualaikum wbt

Naufal is so into Upin & Ipin. He gets excited when he sees the images of Upin & Ipin. He stops playing with his toy when the Upin & Ipin series is on TV. He even shakes his head and moves his hand when  hears the Upin & Ipin's song too!! LOL!

Upin, Ipin & Naufal :-)

Tikar itu...mihmiihmih

Watching the series, like a bos bak kate Cu Amal hehehe

Because of that, mommy & daddy decided to bring Naufal to Upin & Ipin restaurant for his 1st birthday. At the moment we stepped into the restaurant, Naufal started to point his finger at every conspicuous Upin & Ipin pictures at the wall (note: the pictures are everywhere, of course!). Birthday boy was as happy as a lark and did not bother to eat his meal! As for the rest of us, we were glad that we have made the right decision to bring Naufal to that place. Most importantly, birthday boy kena la  happy kan?

At the Upin & Ipin restaurant, we had local Malay cuisines such as bihun, mee goreng mamak and ayam goreng. Seriously, I just rate them as average. Nothing special. Like I said before, this is Naufal's birthday celebration, yang penting dia yang kena happy hihihi..

No, the restaurant did not have this cuppy. I ordered this from Kak Farah's friend.

Cu Amal's gift, tq Cu Amal!!!

Daddy probably said, "Oh Naufal, duduk diam2 please" hahaha

With Mokcu 

Mommy & Cu Amal



Mata tgh tengok cerita Upin & ipin la tuuuu

Happy Birthday Adam Naufal!!!!

There are many super duper cute Upin & Upin stuffs/ souvenirs  at the restaurant. I felt like grabbing them all!! Luckily, I didn't ;p .We decided to get Naufal this cute little frame. 

comel kan?????? "betul, Betul betul", said Ipin :-)

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