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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Naufal's birthday celebrations

Assalamualaikum wbt

This year, Naufal had double birthday celebrations! The first one was in Putrajaya and the second one was at his Taska somewhere in June.
The one in Putrajaya was actually mommy's first attempt organizing Naufal's birthday party. Organizing a small scale birthday party at our new place in Putrajaya definitely required much thinking, time and energy! Unlike last year, we went for makan-makan at Restoran Upin & Ipin in Taman Melawati. This year, it was like killing two birds with a stone. We planned to have Naufal's birthday celebration in Putrajaya's house and at the same time to invite close friends and relatives for our house warming. 

Although we have all things so-called planned, booked, reserved and anticipated,  it was really exhausting when you have to be involved with all those pre-while-post celebrations. The best part of all was the hands on experience from preparing the birthday packs, and decorating and rearranging all the balloons and the scrumptious food. Nevertheless. the cleaning part was the least favourite moment! LOL! By the end of the day, everyone (especially the birthday boy) had great time. Alhamdulillah :-)

The theme for the birthday celebration : Minion (bananananananna..banaaanaaaaaaaaaa)

Thanks kak Leen for capturing the moment <3

the cheeky smile

Mira & super adorable Aidin in the house

mommies with their kiddos

daddy in action hehe

The other birthday celebration held at Taska Iman Amani was the owner's first attempt organizing a mass birthday celebration for all kids who stay there. It's a wonderful opportunity for parents to get to know one another. Every child had to bring a cake and pay RM 10 for the celebrations. It started with du'a recitation followed by cutting cake session. There's also lucky draws, drawing competitions and best dressed award! Naufal wore his baju raya (without his samping on). Some  kids even had superhero costumes! We didn;t know who won the best dress award since we had to leave the place early (and Naufal started to get cranky) hahaha.

Naufal with his Upin Upin Group

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Little boy was already restless by this time 

Dear Adam Naufal,

You are one of Allah's greatest gift for mommy and daddy.
You changed our world as soon as you entered in. Time flies so fast you have become a lot stronger and bigger. May you grow up to be a wise mujahid, InshaAllah.
Thank you for the wonderful first two years and we look forward for years to come.
My boy, 
You certainly bring out the best in us.


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