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Monday, 15 December 2014

It's December!

Assalamualaikum wbt

December oh December. It's school holiday u'olls!
Despite the fact that I'm in my third trimester, Alhamdullilah I'm  still able to have fun & enjoy the cuti sekolah before giving birth. Nanti kalau dah bersalin kena duduk rumah diam-diam so  sementara kudrat ni masih ada apa salahnya? Lagipun, doktor pun nasihatkan supaya banyakkan berjalan untuk memudahkan bersalin nanti Inshaa Allah. Memang kadang-kadang rasa semput tu datang juga, tapi biasalakan, nak seribu daya tak nak seribu dalih hehehe

Big Bad Wolf, Seri Kembangan

It was a last minute decision for us to go to the book carnival. And we didn't regret it at all!
We went there on weekdays after lunch time. And yes, it was less crowded *phew*

Luckily I have my hero to accompany me to the BBW *yeay*

the HUGE me

The catch of the day! 

Birthday celebration

The day I turned 29

the mouth-watering cuisine! 

Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

sekuntum mawar kuning....lalalala *love*

Young moms' mini reunion / potluck

At fatin's place
Le Supermoms~ each with two children ! Looking young and fabulous, like always =)
it's been a long time since we last met!
the moms are always camera ready  hahaha 

Mommy's day out with Naufal

When hubby was away for almost 10 days, I thought I would face hard time managing my son on my own. Considering the fact that I was 38 week pregnant on that time, I could not believe that I can successfully babysit Naufal without relying too much on my personal "talian hayat". What is "talian hayat" then?  All this while, I've always believed that mak, abah , zetty & my hubby are my 'talian hayat' . Most of the time, they would assist me on looking after Naufal especially when I have urgent things to do! *covering face*

Don't get me wrong here! My Adam Naufal is a happy boy and he is not the type who can easily throw tantrum. It's me myself who always has the doubt in my own way of raising my own kid & for being too dependent on other people. Sometimes, you just need the extra hand when handling an active toddler (alasan je ni!)
 *again, covering face*

 Subhanallah, Allah is the best planner of all.
I realized that He gave me such challenge when I was heavily pregnant and not during other time. Seriously, when everyone was away I doubted myself whether I could handle Naufal on my own. Alhamdulillah, this test by Allah has given me the strength and courage for not being too dependent on other people. I always set in my mind that Allah is with us and I always remind myself to stay positive as well. After all,  He is there all the time.  I tried to overcome whatever negative thoughts that distracted my mind by having interesting plans / activities to do with Naufal . Alhamdulillah, syukur Allah has eased everything for me. The experience was not that bad though. Mommy and Naufal really had good time together.
Inshaa Allah, may Allah show me the way to become a supermom especially when the second one is coming...soon!

Very true!

During my week 38 check up! Someone's having good time right? heheh

Our first attempt going to cinema. We managed to stay there for almost an hour! Ok la kan??

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