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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Baby A is here!


Baby A is here.
Our latest bundle of joy.


Ammar Naqeeb bin Azhar
Our little munchkin  was born on Friday , 26th Dec 2014 at 1.10 pm in Gombak Medical Centre, Selangor

The 2nd experience of giving birth to Ammar was really different from the one I had during Naufal's time. Of course, even dah ada 10 kids pun takkan sama pengalaman bersalin kan? Inshaa Allah, kalau ada rezeki I shall share the unforgettable priceless journey with everyone.

So, these are some of the happy moments captured on the day Ammar was born.  

Atok & Maktok with their cucu-cucu 

I still remember abah's jokes when he came to visit Ammar and I at the GMC ward.

Abah: Haa cepat ambil gambar abah. nak update status sikit.
Dulu dapat seorang cucu jadi Datuk
Tambah lagi seorang...jadi Datuk Seri!

Me: ....... *speechless* boleh la pulak kan hihihi

Adik & Abang
Time ni abang Naufal macam malu-malu sikit

Ammar with daddy. 
Baby A ...Baby Ammar

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