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Thursday, 5 July 2012

one of the things

Assalamualaikum wbt

Finally, hubby and I decided to purchase a bottle warmer for Naufal.





 Why AUTUMNZ product?

* It fits most bottle and luckily, Phillips bottle too. Or else, I need to spend over RM200 just for a warmer!*pengsan* 
* the price is reasonable. A warmer + an electric sterilizer for RM 169.90
*it can be used for home and car. So it is convenient for travelling too...hurmm ok la kan??

Truthfully, the main reason  I bought this warmer is mainly because of my concern of Naufal's condition in the nursery. This is the least I can do. To ease whatever thing the babysitter has to do when babysitting my son.
I hope it is not going to be a tedious thing to do for them. An electric bottle warmer is definitely a better solution as compared to the conventional way of heating up the bottle (using hot boiled water), hopefully.

At the moment, I'm preparing a checklist for the things Naufal needs for his stay in a nursery. A bottle warmer is definitely one of the things. 

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