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Friday, 8 February 2013

Check in : Lumut

Assalamualaikum wbt

During previous Thaipusam holidays, we went to Perak to attend a cousin's wedding. It was Mak's idea for everyone of us to stay at Teluk Batik Resort after the kenduri. The last time we went to Teluk Batik was a long time ago that I could not remember when.

What I want to write for this post is not about Teluk Batik but I want to share what I recently discovered about a town named Lumut.

Do you know that Lumut is also famous as a maritime town?
Instead of going to Pulau Pangkor, you can also get ikan bilis bilis mata biru (Mak, 2013) here in Lumut too! hehe yes, ikan bilis mata biru is actually the type of anchovy with high quality. Mak has been telling us about the mata biru anchovy. Do you know how it looks like?

If you look closely at the eyes of the ikan bilis, the colour is crystal blue! no wonder la mak calls this type of anchovy as ikan bilis mata biru! hehehe. The price? mahal sikit dari ikan bilis biasa.

We went to this shop,

It is located at the heart of the town.

Look at what we found and bought here~
beli jangan tak beli mak..

ikan masin oh ikan masin..

Happy nyer dia borong!!!
sleepy atok and naufal :-)

So, next time when u're coming to Perak, don't forget to visit Lumut town too (Oh,i'm not paid for this so-called cuti-cuti Malaysia iklan ;-)  hehe
Check out the ikan bilis mata biru tooooo

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