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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Err, where are you from?

Assalamualaikum wbt

So, how do you spend your CNY hols?
Balik kampung? Going for picnic?

As for us, we became tourists in Kuala Lumpur *grinning*

Many might ask, why KL??
Well. our primary reason for that is... we don't want to be trapped in the the traffic jam, ANYMORE! With a 9 month old baby with us, being stucked in a traffic jam for hours is what we must learn to avoid.

So where did we go?
We checked in at the TRADERS HOTEL, KL.

It was funny when a Canadian tourist asked where we're from while waiting for buggy ride to arrive.

Canadian tourist : Where're you from?
Me: We're from ..KL
Canadian tourist : You're from KL and you stay here?
Me : oh well..yes *with a senyum simpul smile on my face*

Hubby reminded me not to give such answer anymore. He suggested "JB".
kihkihkih...Of course I didn't want to say JB kan...Well nothing to be ashamed of.
I'm a happy 'tourist' travelling in KL with her family. woot woot

upon arrival

with mommy's boy

nyummy mommy hehehe

the Buggy ride : the complimentary ride from the Hotel to KLCC

the tourists, we are :-)

Naufal and mommy @ Toys R Us

Orang paling penat, dah pengsan daaa

Big boss refused to wear his seat belt..*sigh*

the view from our room 1727


enjoying the view?


naufal's expression ...priceless! hahaha


  1. dah besar dah si boy hensem tu....

    heheheh...akak pun penah check in hotel kat KL...heheh...dh x de keje masa tu kan...

    1. hehehe xde keje n malas nak jalan jauh-jauh


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