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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

kisah lucky draw saya

Assalamualaikum wbt

I once thought that I will never be lucky for any lucky draw event.
I'm sure many of us agree that there are some lucky people who always get picked as the lucky draw winner! Asyik-asyik muka yang sama jeeee dapat kan?? (eh bunyi macam jeles je ahahaha)

 As far as i'm concerned, I was never that so-called lucky person 
However, I realized that m.a.n.t.r.a was suddenly changed!

For the past 9 months, I was suddenly became one of the lucky ones!
Surprisingly, I discovered that at the early stage of my pregnancy and it continues up till now. Ecewah... macam tidak percaya pun yer ;p

 Syukur ke hadrat Illahi, rezeki baby dalam perut ni=)
Memang tidak dinafikan lagi, kehadiran anak dalam sesebuah keluarga membuka lebih banyak pintu rezeki bukan setakat dari harta kekayaan ia termasuk la dari segi kesihatan tubuh badan.

E7 family day in Port Dickson

Hari Koko & Hari Sukan SEMENTAS
and recently during our school Hi-Tea in Grand Season Hotel, KL

Actually I don't really mind about the value of the prize because the excitement of being picked as the lucky name or number is just already overwhelming. Almaklumlah, tidak pernah pula nak bertuah sangat kan hikhikhik
Whatever it is...

~~*** Alhamdulillah***~~

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