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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cloth Diaper


Since I was pregnant, the idea of using cloth diaper (CD) truly fascinated me! I read and asked around about it. Finally I decided to give it a try. It was not easy to get started because same goes like breastfeeding, using CD requires commitment. We can't simply use and wash it like ordinary clothes. We need to prewash it at least three times, using suitable detergent and  yada yada yada... Unlike disposable diaper, we can simply throw it away after it has been used. And that definitely sounds super duper easy right? it does, indeed! Nevertheless, as the saying goes " alah bisa tegal biasa". Undeniably,  there were few hiccups in the beginning but we managed to get them solved! woo hooo~
At the moment, I already have 15 Lunatot CDs and the total will definitely increase hehe.
Probably, I'll get different brand CDs to top up the existing collection. Any suggestion for good CDs with good price, anyone?

Naufal is wearing CD with matching mitten and booties hehe


  1. nowadays there are a lot cheaper CDs online. but still, have to consider the baby's soft skin - not to mention the quality of the CD itself....
    try to ask people who love online products for some products do have good qualities.

    :0 selamat mencuci...yep, alah bisa tegal biasa...

    1. hehe tula kak,
      sekarang dh start cari CD on9
      banyak betul pilihan..rambang mata saya jadinyer hehehe

  2. Ni dah fikir berapa kali dah nk tukar ke tak to CD because I know how tedious it is and yes, it requires commitment.

    Thought of giving it a try one day (tah bila hehe) coz it saves a lot of diaper money! :)

    Good Job Dayah and Naufal grows soo fast!! :)

    1. it's never too late to start tasha ;)
      oh awal2 memang renyah, tp lama2 ok kut..i pon kdg2 pakai jg disposable diaper sbb kalut2 sgt..
      nak kena betul2 kental jiwa utk full time CD-ing nih hehe

      naufal makin memanjang! Bulan pertama timbang dah 5.4 kg. esok lusa nak pergi inject berapa la pulak agaknya berat dia sekarang..hehhe
      tp tula..khasiat susu ibu kan :)


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