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Monday, 4 March 2013

Pendang clans reunited

Assalamualaikum wbt

Yessss..another mini gathering for the Pendang clans. The last time we met up was somewhere around 2011 at KLCC park. Gosh, how time flies!
I still remembered the picnic we had last time  under the scorching  sun. The best part was..... none of us remembered to bring tikar or any plastic mat hahaha.  Well, lesson learnt peeps. For our recent gathering, Mira and Sulas came out with a brilliant idea. Instead of meeting up at any public places, they decided to have it indoor. Indoor is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than having it outdoor especially when you have a baby and a toddler. Plus, if you're pregnant too! err.. not me, I'm not pregnant (yet..well maybe soon kehkeh).. it's Ezzet !! She is 3-month pregnant !!

The place is suitable for such mini gathering. It has a mini kitchen, a master bedroom (for Mira and Rizal), a single room (for sulas) and quite spacious living room for the rest of us to spend the whole afternoon together. Located strategically at the heart of the city, the place is also convenient and easy for me, Fiena and Ezzet who stay nearby to arrive there so-called on time ;-p

The Apartment
us after almost 10 years

forever sweet and caring , Fiena


Checking out the view huh?

And there is zetty too :-)

Ezzet brought bought the brownies from her ex-student...
oh so sweet la cikgu!

Pot luck!

Wow, like a real host! Mira was busy in the kitchen.

And there is Naufal....

Someone is going to Labuan soon. All the best Dr. Sulas!

The men in the house
LOvE (missing in the picture is Fathil)
And where's our next destination?
Probably it's gonna in Labuan!
yeay, so let's start planning ~

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