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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

the old postcards


Today, I brought some old postcards to my Form 2 classes.
I wanted to show them how a postcard look like. I was quite surprised when most of my students were not able to differentiate between a postcard and a letter. Oh...*sigh*

the postcards

So, I showed them my collections of old postcards. I got mixed responses from the students, some even said :

*ala teacher download je kan dari internet..
* ala teacher, buat apa beli postcard. SMS/ WeChat/ WhatssApp kan ada!

Sometimes, I really pity the students because they seem to have lack knowledge about common basic things. Come on la, takkan la poskad pun tak tau. Tapi bila bercakap, segala benda yang tidak mendatangkan faedah tahu ja, especially pasal hiburan. You just name it, the will tell you the latest gossip from A-Z. 

My current reading. 
My current reading is a book entitled Kembara Sastera by Nisah Haron. The book is about the writer's journey to European countries. Beliau menceritakan bagaimana sastera dan budaya menjadi sebahagian daripada perkara yang membina peradaban bagi sesetengah masyarakat di Eropah. Beliau mempersoalkan suatu isu yang benar-benar membuat saya terfikir dengan sangat dalam.

"Kuala Lumpur masih meletakkan hiburan di tangga teratas dan budaya kita masih lagi meletakkan ilmu di tangga nombor yang entah ke berapa"

*something worth thinking & pondering*

 As I looked back at the postcards, I can't stop thinking about the good times I had when I was studying in New Zealand. Alhamdulillah, syukur sangat atas rezeki Allah dah bagi untuk belajar dekat tempat orang. Although it was only for two years, the precious experiences of studying and living there have definitely opened up my mind about so many things. Indeed, I am so thankful for the once in a lifetime opportunity. 

I want to be the agent of change. I want to build a nation that is able to think and never opt to the 'tak apa attitude'. I will start it in school, in my own classroom.
 InshaAllah, mudah-mudahan. Semoga Allah permudahkan.

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