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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Naufal's first oversea jalan-jalan


Senang ke nak bawa baby 11 bulan jalan-jalan? Naik flight? Oh... memang mencabar! sangat mencabar! Tapi Alhamdulillah, we managed to go through the challenges during our 4 day trip to the Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is surely a place to visit hehehe murah and sangat cantik kain-kain dia. The best part of all, they can speak Malay! Boleh bayar dengan Ringgit Malaysia (RM) :-)

Nak cari makanan halal x susah, tapi ni memang bekalan yg  kami bawa!  Bila balik, semua habis!

At KLIA upon check-in.

Our flight was delayed, but luckily there is a playground for  kids. Naufal surely had good time there

Our room. I loike it so much!

Mommy, daddy and Naufal.

They helped us to cross the busy road. Cool banget!

hehhee dia yang paling penat ...

the 'scenic' view from our room..

One of the kedai makan halal

seriously sedap...

tq note from hotel management

check out

At Saigon Airport


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