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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

#safety first

Assalamualaikum wbt

I'm sure my son, I have set my mind not to wait longer.
This is certainly what's best for u.




whether or not u like it, mommy and daddy have agreed & decided that,
 it's better to be safe than sorry.

pasrah mode agak2nya hihihih

I still remembered when many people started to bug question me about Naufal' growth..

*eh, xboleh jalan lagi? dah setahun kan?*  (kalau xboleh lagi apa masalah? :p)

*what? gigi pun sebatang xdok lagi?* (i'm happy coz this boy is still breastfeeding, no teeth yet means yay for mommy laaaa hikhik)

*anak *** dah boleh berjalan/ ada gigi before setahun...* (erk, like I kesah? ;p)

*lambat juga eh..* (lambat aponyo??)

hehehe please ignore some of the comments too, I was having this monologue moment jer.
I dare not say such remarks in front of others kut hahahahah

errrrrrr.... maybe some have forgotten that baby grows at different rate.
So, I know my lil hero is not lagging behind or lambat ke apa.
Seriously, I've been embracing every single second watching him growing in front of my eyes *teary eyes* sob..sob..sob..

Indeed, you are special my son.
No matter what happen,
mommy and daddy love u unconditionally.


after a year, still in 'bertatih' mode
and now...

hey hey everyone,
guess what I can do now?
Mommy and daddy do not need to go to gym anymore!

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