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Thursday, 10 October 2013

cuti lagi!


Today (10.10.13) I'm on my 4th day of cuti for this week. I was supposed to start working today as I mentioned in my previous post. Indeed, Allah knows best. We can plan, but He is the ultimate decider. 

Last night, Naufal was on high fever. His body temperature was really high as compared to previous nights. He was cranky and did not sleep well throughout the night. I put on the cool fever patch on his forehead to prevent the temperature from rising. It helped but my little hero still felt uncomfortable. He woke up for about every hour! Poor little boy. I didn't mind staying awake just to make sure he's in good condition. It's not easy to be in such condition especially when daddy is away working outstation. Above all, I'm so glad that i'm somehow still staying with my parents. They are my pillars of strength. Somehow with their presence I know that I'm not alone. Mak and abah helped out in so many ways . Can I be considered as anak manja? Nah, ni rezeki masing-masing. Nak manja-manja of course la dengan mak abah sendiri kan?? kan?? =)

Thank you again and again and again. 

Mak & Abah.


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