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Saturday, 18 October 2014

#Round 2 : Healthy eating

Assalamualaikum wbt

I always believe every pregnant woman should eat healthily. Having to say that, we must not take our diet lightly even how busy we are. However, taking supplement religiously is not something everyone can do easily. As for me, I struggled and stumbled in the first few weeks of my 1st and 2nd pregnancy. Nonetheless, I always reminded myself not to risk my health and also the growth of the fetus in my womb. Somehow I managed! Do you want to know the "secret"?
I keep on reminding myself  about the consequences of that tak apa or malas makan ubat attitude. It could lead to unimaginable worst case scenarios in the future (nauzubillah!!). Some people might say that don't be too paranoid yada yada yada. Kalau nak jadi tu jadi la juga. Well, don't forget that prevention is better than cure. Kalau Allah nak bagi ujian, at least kita dah berusaha dari awal and tidak lepas tangan kan..
 So , in this post I would like to share the supplements prescribed by my gynae. Sharing is caring, right??? Well, you might get different kind of prescription by your gynae. Whatever supplement you get, it is for your own good =)

For this #Round 2, these are my supplements

Caltrade 600 +D, New Obimin, NeuroGain

As compared to my first pregnancy (#Round 1) with Dr. Marsita Mansor, I was prescribed with Sangobion, Proscal (Calcium) and Provas (DHA). Lebih kurang sama cuma brand je la yg lain sikit..

Other than that, I also believe in consuming sufficient intake of calcium to our body.
In addition to my calcium intake, I will make sure to drink a glass of fresh milk and add two spoons of tamar cocoa into it. The taste is marvelous!
What I like about tamar cocoa is that it contains tamar extract. As we know, tamar is good for everybody not just for pregnant or lactating mommy.

all time favourite!

Koko tamar! Sedap! InshaAllah in my next post I will write more about cocoa tamar. 
Kalau diikutkan, healthy eating bukan setakat dengan menelan supplement semata-mata. Banyak lagi cara mudah, berkhasiat dan menjimatkan. Dengan ayat mudah, nak seribu daya tak nak berjuta dalih.

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