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Saturday, 25 October 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt

In this post, let me share with you some of the things i'm currently selling #sayajual. I'm selling these products and I'm using them as well. I'll give my first hand testimonial for the products below. 

1. #sayajual Koko Tamar / Tamar Cocoa

For those who love cocoa drink, Tamar Cocoa is something you should try. Tamar or kurma is well known for its benefits. Having the extract of tamar in your daily drink give you the energy & nutritions you need. Anyone can drink Tamar Cocoa!

 As for my family, everyone likes it including my 2 year old son! I just add two spoons of Tamar Cocoa in his fresh milk and he'll finish it in few seconds. The best part is when Naufal says, "hmmmm...dap" (Sedap!) haha.

Like other cocoa drinks, you can mix Tamar cocoa with your coffee and serve it either hot or chill. You can add fresh milk/ condensed milk/ honey/ sugar as how you want it to be. It is as easy as       A-B-C! Other than that, if you are always on the go, this product is also available in sachet. Thus, you can bring it everywhere you go. yeay!

RM 18 per pack of 900g
(Retail price is usually RM 18- RM 21)

2. #sayajual Nour Ain Skincare

Alhamdulillah, Nour Ain skincare is selling like hot cakes! Many have tried and loved this skincare.
Comes in a complete package with affordable price, everyone can own Nour Ain Skincare.
If you're looking for a healthy looking skin, Nour Ain Skincare has its answer.

I've been using this product for almost two years. Personally, I like this skincare because it neither  peels my skin nor makes my skin looks dull. Everyone in my family including my sister and my mom are using this product too.

Once in a while, I do get skin breakouts. Who doesn't? It's normal for our skin to experience the breakouts like acne/ pimples etc  due to some reasons for example hormonal changes. If you never experience any skin breakout than you are the luckiest person on earth! haha. Nonetheless, I always remind myself to use this skincare consistently to get best result, InshaAllah. Click here to read my previous post on Nour Ain skincare

This complete skincare is not only suitable for ladies, it can be used for men. So, worry not everyone, let's give this product a try!

UV foundation (10g)
Price : RM 30

Night cream (10g)
RM 40

Facial Toner (100ml)
RM 30

Beauty Soap (60g)
RM 16

Beauty Set 3 in 1
Price : RM 55

Trial Set 5 in 1
RM 105

If you are interested with any one of the products above, contact me at this number.

016. 4108158
(Nur Hidayah)

COD for Gombak & Selayang areas

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