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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Motherhood Expo

Assalamualaikum wbt

The only word that could describe my first visit to Motherhood Expo was .. EXHAUSTING!!
Astaghfirullah, I thought such expo won't be as packed as PC Fair or even Book fair!
oh well, I was wrong :(
Still, we ended with what we planned and wanted to get (with reasonable prices too, Alhamdulillah)
On the other hand, I can still feel the pain especially from the ankle to the feet areas.huhu I think I need a foot massage asap..

waiting for puterk to arrive
siapa xsemput kalau kena berhimpit macam ni?? huhuh

Lunatots' booth

attentive listeners :p

full house!

babies, strollers, mommies,daddies everywhere
mommies to be went shopping.. yippeee

what I bought : AVENT electric breast pump, Lunatots' Cloth Diaper set, baby swaddle
 I used to have a dilemma about using normal diaper or cloth diaper (CD). Of course, each has its own pros and cons. After much thought and discussions with hubby, we finally decided to use CD.
The first 8 sets we bought are from Lunatots. We've been thinking about getting few more sets from different brands such as Autumz.  We still bought few pieces of newborn diapers for the first few days too.

the best part of everything : FREE GIFT!!!


  1. Gagah nya you pergi!! Hehe I went when I was 4months pregnant, pwrut x besar lagi pun dah rasa mcm nak pengsan, dgn lautan manusia nya lagi. Sekarng nak pegi pun mcm malas sbb nak kena bwk stroller lagi hadoii.

    But it was an experience kan.

    Bagus u guna CD. Biasakan baby awal2, selesa. Ini ye ye dulu, x start2 guna pun lagi :) tak go green langsung hehe

    Btw, loving your bump and the glow :)

    1. tq tasha,
      i think depan camera je i can afford to sengeh happily. bila time semput memang totally "no camera please" hahaha

      ish, i pon rasa macam gagah perkasa dapat pergi time2 7 guess what! i met nada too, and she's 8mths preggy ok! siapa lagi gagah sekarang? hehe, bout CD tu, it's never too late to start...harap2 dapat pakai secara konsisten la sbb nak kena komited dgn cara penjagaan/pemakaian yg betul..mudah-mudahan lah :)

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