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Thursday, 19 January 2012

4 ways to boost your energy - during pregnancy

Assalamualaikum wbt

  Do you feel exhausted during your pregnancy?Sometimes I do. At my workplace (in school),  I walk to classes that are situated at different blocks, carry books/ teaching resources, deal with students' indisiciplined behaviour, attending meetings, Koko practice, dealing with the morning sickness (nauseating, vomiting)  and the list goes on. Teachers don't just sit and teach.  There are a lot of TO-DO lists to be completed too. With such routines at some point, fatique and lethargic are simply unavoidable.

                  For this post, I'd like to share ways to boost our energy levels. I've read this somewhere in end last year (2011).  Hopefully, these tips will be beneficial for all working moms-to-be to increase our energy levels and stay happier and healthier. 

         Booster # 1 : FITNESS
  1. *Get moving :
    With our doctor permission, make it a habit to engage in physical activity each day. Take a brief walk or perform some stretches while dinner cooks. Taman Layang-Layang in Kepong is one of my favourite place for brisk walking. How about you?
    *Make TV time productive:
    Rather than sitting to watch our favourite tv show, use those 30 minutes for exercise. I prefer to lipat kain while enjoying my TV programme.
    *Make exercise fun:
    Invest in an exercise DVD with music we love. Mr. Hubby can get involved too!

     Booster 2 # : SLEEP
    The key to maintain energy is getting enough sleep.

    Booster 3 # : HEALTHY EATING
    Some examples of good food for preggy moms:
    * Broccoli - great source of beta carotene with Vitamin C to keep u energized.
    *Blueberries - contain protective antioxidants and stimulate the brain
    Along with our food intake, be sure to drink a lot of plenty water. Be wary of caffeinated beverages!  

    Booster # 4 : PEACE OF MIND

    * Performing the solat .

    * Meditation : Closing the eyes, clearing the mind and focusing on a single image or thought for a few minutes can reduce blood pressure,  boost the immune system and create more energy for the day!

    * Take time for you : Being pregnant can be stressful. Feeling tired or extra drained? Take a brief nap to restore expanded energy. Listen to our favourite band/ indulge in good books/ baking. Whatever our pleasure, set aside time to enjoy it.

    *Listening to the recitation of Quran helps alot in giving peace of mind. We can get different kinds of CDs with different surahs in many bookstores.

    *Take time for our loved ones.
      We and our spouses are in this baby journey. Together make time for him during these busy
      9 months. Sharing a laugh with the one we love can boost our energy and our outlook.

    source : PARENTHOOD (December, 2011)

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