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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

the best cendol in Kedah

 Assalamualaikum wbt

Have you ever craved for cendol so much? So far, have you found the one that satisfied your taste bud? Do you know where to get the best cendol in town? Have you heard about Jo Cendol Pulut in Hosba near Changlun, Kedah?

the place is situated near SMK Hosba, Changlun. If you take the PLUS highway, the journey will only take about 20 minute drive.


          full house!!
This place is quite famous especially among the locals. My hubby and in-laws recommended this place as they said the cendol here is superb! Undeniably, the cendol (cendol biasa, cendol pulut and cendol pulut special) are simply irresistible.

the famous tree: Cendol pulut, cendol biasa & cendol pulut special. nyummy!!

Not just cendol, Jo Cendol Pulut offers other types of dishes too. You can get any kind of masakan panas here such as....
Mee rebus
Amal had moi sup and abah had mee rebus too!
everyone was having feel good time :)
I had cendul pulut special and kuew teow goreng basah *smile*
cucur udang or as the orang utara said cuco'
Moi sup
Although the place was pack, the efficient workers made us left the place with a big smile and full tummy!! In fact, we only waited for about 10-15 minutes for the food to arrive!! Hurray! My lil one in the tummy seemed to be happy too as he kept moving excitedly while I was enjoying the food :-)  Nevertheless , I do realize about the santan, sugar / gula melaka and all the things in a bowl of cendol. It's important to eat everything moderately not excessively! eceycehhh..ok la tu kan??? *wink-wink*   

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