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Saturday, 21 January 2012

When moms-to-be go shopping

Assalamualaikum wbt

20th Jan 2012 was the last Friday before the 1 week Chinese New Year Holiday and Limah's last day in school before enjoying her 3-month cuti bersalin~ Our main mission on that day was to visit One Baby World in Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur. The place is like a one stop baby centre. We can get many kinds of baby stuffs all in a place. Limah wanted to do her last minute shopping and I wanted to ..START surveying! Seriously, I was totally clueless of how/when/where to get started!! Hence, the idea of accompanying Limah to the One Baby World store was the perfect time for me to put on my shopping gears- well, not for me, but for my lil one, of course!

getting ready for moms-to-be jalan-jalan
We've arrived safely but.. it's at the 3rd floor *sigh*

worry no more! Nasib baik ade lif.. phew~

kusyuk nyer....
Limah : Nak beli yang mana satu eh? Aviant? Autumz?
Dayah : err...jom tanye promoter kot..hahaha

It was a different kind pleasure to look at baby stuffs. Knowing that you'd need to get them and use them soon truly excites me. As I entered the place, I just followed Limah wherever she went to. She already bought most of the baby stuffs except for things like breast pump, poncho etc.
Shopping has never failed to be one of the best therapy. We managed to get useful info about certain product especially the breast pump : to get the electric pump or the manual one? or, which brand is the best one AVIANT, AUTUMNZ etc? Certainly, it goes back to your personal preference and the budget you have allocated for it.

I bought something...tapi biarlah rahsia dulu buat masa ni ;p

Wajah ceria Limah  after shopping :)

Back in school sound and safe~
Gambar kenangan sebelum Limah kembali selepas 3 bulan cuti bersalin!
Thanks Limah for the great time, tho it was not that long coz we had to rush back to school . Somehow, I managed to get some insights about what/when/where to buy baby stuffs.

To Limah:
Selamat bersalin dan bercuti panjaaaaaaang.
Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan, InsyaAllah.

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