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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thank you kak Ita

Assalamualaikum wbt


    Recently, Kak ita (a colleague in SEGAR), introduced me to this book entitled : Panduan Pemakanan anak sihat dan pintar.  Frankly speaking, I've just flipped through few pages and haven't read through everything yet. However, based on my first impression, this is another must have book not just for a first time parents, but also to those who have the concern of providing healthy food for their children.  Since the book was published in 2006, I can't really tell you where it can be found. It's actually a compilation of recipes for the past few years all in this 210 pages magazine. The recipes were taken from Pa&Ma magazines . I borrowed this book from kak Ita and hopefully I can 'khatam' it in these coming few weeks or photostate the whole thing!(I know it's unethical but is there any way to get this book?).

                                What's so special about this is book?

70 healthy and nutritious recipes are all in a book!

step by step guide for beginner

Recipes are arranged according to your child's growth
Informative and useful knowledge for all
                        Besides reading this book, information about healthy food is also available online. It depends on our personal preferences too. Some prefer to have a hard copy version, some prefer to download / copy and paste it straight away from the net. Once again, thanks Kak Ita for introducing me to this book.
                            I've started shopping for baby stuffs. Maybe, a new apron is another must have item to put on my Checklist ;) heheh


  1. heheh ok tasha! I pon sedang berusaha mencari buku ni ..if i can find it, will get one for u too :)


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