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Monday, 12 March 2012

Baby Bathtub

Assalamualaikum wbt

At the moment, me and hubby are in the midst of searching for a baby bathtub. We have to consider  several crucial factors (size, functions, practicality etc)before purchasing a baby bathtub.

When we went to IKEA, we found quite a huge baby bathtub that costs only RM 19.90. Because of the size, we didn't purchase it straight away because we're wondering how/where it can be kept. Currently,  we're staying with my parents in Gombak. The size of my bathroom is not spacious enough to keep this kind of bathtub.

#the only colour left was white.
Then, we went to  one of the baby boutiques : The First Years at The Curve. There are few types of bathtub available in many sizes/colours and functions. Luckily, the super friendly promoter briefed us about the special features of each bathtub. She introduced to us the foldable baby bathtub that is suitable for travelling and also practical for small space. 

# the size is much smaller than IKEA's bathtub.
# it has excellenet safety features
# made of durable material
# foldable (of course!) and can be kept inside or outside the bathroom
Can you guess how much is this?
It's RM 90.00!! it is quite expensive for just a bathtub =(
If i'm not mistaken, we only use the bathtub until the baby reaches 9 months old. So, is it worth buying? Once the baby starts to learn to walk/stand, a baby bathtub is no longer practical, right?
Anyone has better suggestions? Where can we get a similar bathtub with good deals?
Am I being too frugal here? hahah I don't think so ;p


  1. habit maybe seem a little bit ridiculous...I always bathe my kids (before reaching 7 months) in the sink.

    Jimat duit...kuikuikui....x de lah, akak ni penakut sikit. lantai bilik air kan licin. then my mom yg ajar mandikan kat sink sebelum baby reti reaching other things nearby.

    1. kak sophie,
      selalu ramai buat mcm sink rumah saya tak sesuai, sebab jenis lama....
      by the way thnks for the idea =)

  2. dayah, ainna beli besen panjang yg biasa tu je.. once d baby dah pandai duduk mmg dia xnak dah.. even skarang umar n sya mandi bawah paip je ;b

    1. Ainna,
      masalah dayah ialah storage.
      kalau besar bilik air dayah mmg dah lama beli biasa nyer je
      we finally found the one we wanted. beli dekat Jaya Jusco wangsa Maju time sale hehe
      boleh pakai time newborn - todler :)

  3. Salaam Sis Ainna,
    Kat mana u jumpa yang foldable tu? Yang i jumpa way expensive RM160. I really need it coz we travel a lot.


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