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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cuti cuti Malaysia

Assalamualaikum wbt

School break has always been a great time for teachers to relax their minds from all the workloads!
I'm glad that I've finished marking all the exam scripts before the holiday started *phewww*
As planned earlier, hubby and I went to Port Dickson for a 3D2N stay at Avillion Hotel.We didn't go for any tour around PD, instead we just spent time at the resort-like hotel resting mind and had good rest. 

I didn't know much about this place but hubby kept mentioning about it until he finally booked a chalet there. hehehehe Oh well, he's very determined, kan? Although I'm 8 month pregnant, the whole trip thing truly helps me to overcome the anxiety of labouring that is in few weeks time! *gulp*
Alhamdulillah, selamat pergi dan pulang.. only 1 hour + + drive je to the hotel.

tulisan tak jelas..what I wrote was "PD 2012"
Sekali pandang dah macam..."PD Aqua" pulak hihih

love the wooden flooring...
I didn't swim or dive in the pool just dipping my toe and having good time looking at the happy kids . If only I could join them ....
my favourite (^ _ ~)
1+1 = 3
at the gym
daun pisang ni bagus betul. kalau tak, abes segala spare tyre nampak! hikhik
good time and definitely a great place


  1. bercuti ke CH, singgah di Galeri BiGDee House of Magic Potions Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata. satu-satunya galeri microfungus aromaterapi nano di dunia!

  2. ya allah 8 bulan dah.. cepatnya... cd2 tu nanti ainna bawak time melawat dayah time dlm pantang nanti k.. xde niat nak jual pun.. utk 'anak sedara' ku jua ;)

    1. ala suweet nyer ainna :)
      thnks dear. cant wait to see u!


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