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Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Curve, "latest" discovery!

Assalamualaikum wbt

All this while, Mutiara Damansara has been one my favourite spots for hang outs, jalan jalan cari makan window shopping, etc. I love the idea of how the big malls (IPC, Ikea, The Curve, Kidzania,Tesco) get interconnected all in the same area! After all, it's only 20-minute drive from Batu Caves with RM1.50 toll charge (LDP).  Yer, bukan nak promote tempat ni la kan, hahaha. I just want to share my so-called 'latest' discovery about this place ;)

Today, I guess I've made the right decision by not going to MidValley for another baby expo! (Yes, recently I already went to a baby expo in KLCC and it was crowded!). Hubby and I couldnt afford for another himpit menghimpit session at the expo so we decided to go to The Curve and Ikea instead.

and guess what?? All this while, we never really bothered about baby shops or boutiques at the Curve. But to our surprise, there are plenty of them at The Curve!

there's Baby Care room too

Dan banyak lagi kedai-kedai baby yang best! price wise? quite reasonable too!
The shops are located next to each other all at the same floor. Senang kan???
Rasa macam kelakar pun ada, selama ni macam mana la tak perasan..hehe.
So, ni la ceritara "Latest" Discovery at The Curve! hahaha


  1. Ahahaaaa same here. Dulu if window shop x hirau langsung. Now it's always these shops I head to first hehe

    1. betula tasha! kalau dulu nak masuk kedai baju sendiri..sekarang lalu jer, nafsu nak masuk ada tp tak boleh nak challenge nafsu nampak kedai baby! hahaha


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