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Monday, 5 March 2012

ultrasound scan : myths and facts

Assalamualaikum wbt

             Being a first time parents (and parents-to-be), I'm sure many of us have experienced incidents when you are 'stucked' to believe about certain pregnancy myths or facts. Sometimes, we might not know whether to believe it or not because we don't have the experience yet as compared to those people who dah 'makan garam terlebih dulu'.  One good example is  the ultrasound scan. Of course, there are many myths and misconceptions about ultrasound scans in pregnancy.

   Awal-awal pregnant, ada ramai cakap tak elok kalau kita scan perut awal-awal. We need to wait until we reach the 6th month! For my situation, the first 4 weeks pun doktor dah scan sbb nak check the EDD (estimated delivery date). Oh yer, dari saya 1st period until sebelum preggy, period saya memang tidak teratur. So, the doctors need to do few scannings before they can really decide the actual EDD.

   Disebabkan agak risau mengenai komen/ pendapat sesetengah orang mengenai ultrascan, I immediately clarified this with one of the doctors that I'd visited. Furthermore, I also read about this from books and internet. So check it out:

Are ultrasound scans safe? Can too many scans damage my baby?
  • Ultrasound scans as used in the modern equipments are safe. The energy used is not a type of ‘radiation’ (like X-rays). However, it is better not to use the higher energy type of ultrasound scans (Colour Doppler and Pulsed Wave Doppler) in the very early embryo (as 5-6 weeks).
  • There is no evidence to show that ultrasound scans harm babies. Numerous studies have been conducted to date, because ultrasound has been around for a long time (since 1960s). Hence, we have enough robust data to be confident about its safety. In fact, ultrasound scans are the best method of finding out about the health of your baby. Merely feeling the baby through your abdomen and listening to the heartbeat is not always sufficient!
    (source : Total Pregnancy Care)

    Dari buku Diari Hamil,
    "Ultrasound scan dikatakan sebagai prosedur pemeriksaan yang biasa dan tidak berbahaya. Ia menggunakan gelombang suara tinggi yang dipantulkan ke tubuh untuk memperlihatkan gambaran rahim dan kandungannya yang memberikan informasi dalam bentuk gambar yang dapat dilihat pada monitor"
So the conclusion is clear that ultrasound scan is not dangerous *phewww*.
 But it is recommended for check up reasons and not only for a remembrance. hehehe.

my pregnancy journal with an ultrasound scan pic :)
(week 30)

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