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Friday, 2 March 2012

Lisa Surihani

Assalamualaikum wbt
Guess what?!
 I'm going to write about ...
Lisa Surihani!!
Let me remind you that you are not at the wrong blog or post ;p

               Last year, as I was doing my grocery shopping in Jusco MidValley , Lisa was at the supermarket entrance giving a short talk about Sofy. During that time, whoever purchased any Sofy product worth RM15 and above can  have a picture with her.  I was... ecstatic as it was only RM15! (kalau RM50 ker..RM150 ker mmg dah lama angkat kaki hehe). And yes, we took picture together. My husband was quite entertained to see how eager I was to take picture with Lisa. Mesti dia terfikir "Sejak bila la my wife ni suka si Lisa, siap nak ambil gambar sekali pulak tu" . haha. Apa2 pun.. Please take note that I'm not that kind of person who takes picture with random celebrities. Oh well, did I tell you that it was last year? *wink*

haha ni la gambanya.
 Personally, I'm not her big fan. Just someone who happened to know about her due to alot of things written in the newspaper/mags. Her only movie that I enjoyed watching was I'm Not Single. The rests are just so-so (these include Lagenda Budak Setan & Ombak Rindu).

 For me, she has the natural beauty. But when the so-called expert mak andam did too much on her face, she will look 5 years older than her age!! Kesian..

A down to earth person and typical girl next door, she is. When she gave the talk about Sofy product, I could see many people were mainly interested to look at her and not so much of the product :p hehe

On the 24th February, she tied the knot with Yusry.
Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah. Semoga pasangan ini berbahagia sehingga ke syurga

love the natural make up. Macam princess pon yer gak hehe


  1. kembar mommy brella! hahaha.... kira okay la kan kembar lisa surihari dari R***I R***I. can't forget!

    1. owh that R****!!! tak leh lupe juga ;p

  2. ini idola aleesya, dayah.. dia panggil 'mama mia'..

    1. wahhh..xsangka aleesya kecil2 lagi ade idola dah! hehe..


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